Booxter 2.7

Your personal librarian

Booxter offers advanced book cataloging features in a very intuitive interface. I easily consider it one of the best in its category thanks to its flexibility and GUI. View full description


  • Fast
  • Advanced organizing and search
  • Great interface


  • Doesn't save manually added pictures


Booxter offers advanced book cataloging features in a very intuitive interface. I easily consider it one of the best in its category thanks to its flexibility and GUI.

You have a number of ways to organize your books including smart lists, tags or filters. Finding any book is also very easy thanks to advanced search capabilities.

Importing books is what worries librarians most though, and it's where Booxter gets it right. You can import from different types of applications or text files and export your lists in a number of ways including CSV and HTML or even to your iPod.

Booxter also offers special features that really separate it from the rest of the catalogers. There's a fun little quiz game to test how much you know about your collection and keeping track of books lent is very intuitive.

Booxter seems to have no trouble handling large libraries and can now even support movies, music and comic books. One minor drawback is that it won't save manually imported cover pictures.


  • Bug fixes

Booxter is an easy to use application to help you manage your book collection. It gathers book information from various sources on the internet to allow you to view, edit, sort, categorize, export, and print books of interest to you.

Add books easily

Add books one at a time. Or in batches. Or drag in a URL or image from Amazon. See a book reviewed online that you like?

Drag it in.

Browse books

View, sort and search your entire book collection easily. Drill down by author, genre, subject, year, rating, and more.

Drag books between libraries. Drag books to your favorite browser to see them online.

Create lists

Create book lists that group together similar books.

Books for school, books of a certain genre, books that you have not read yet - they can all have their own lists. And with Smart Lists, Booxter will track the books for you.


Search for book information online

Select which sites you want to check for your book information. Currently supports ALL Amazon sites (US, UK, DE, JP, FR, CA) as well as the Library of Congress and many more .

Booxter can also search for books using LCCNs only (instead of just ISBNs), which is great for older books you may have.


Use a handheld scanner to quickly and easily add large numbers of books to your library.

A real time saver.

Import books

If you are storing your books somewhere else, bring 'em on in!

Export to File

Get the flexibility and portability you want by exporting your collection to flat files, XML, BibTeX, MLA, or HTML.

Export to iPod

Your books - to go. Export to any 3G or newer iPod and carry your books with you.


Search using Spotlight on Mac OS X 10.

4 Tiger. Or better yet, drag and drop your smart lists onto the Finder to create smart folders automatically.


Use an iSight or other webcam to visually scan in barcodes.

This first-of-its-kind innovation works like magic.


Use a Bluetooth barcode scanner and conveniently scan barcodes wirelessly when and where you want.

Booxter can read the barcodes in as you scan, or they can be uploaded in batches at a later time.


Want a printed copy of your books?

Print out beautiful looking lists of your book collection for reference or sharing.

Play a Game

Have some fun! Test your knowledge of your book collection by playing a personalized book quiz.

Keep an eye on the clock. . .

Set preferences

Display just the information that you want, the way you want it. Create multiple libraries and have each of them set up to your specifications.



Booxter 2.7